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Berehaven Pharmacy has a wide range of vitamins, probiotics, and minerals for sale from our Cork pharmacy and online shop. If you’ve been diagnosed with a vitamin deficiency or need to supplement, our team of expert professionals can give you recommendations and advice on the best vitamins to suit your body. As well as providing a range of single vitamins and multi-vitamins, we stock prenatal vitamins, vegan vitamins, pregnancy vitamins, vitamins for hair, skin & nails, kids’ vitamins, and more. Even if you’re unsure of what kind of vitamins, minerals or probiotics you need, our team can give recommendations and advice on the best vitamins and brand to suit you. Why not browse our vitamins for sale online today?

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We stock some of the world’s leading vitamin brands and probiotics, ensuring that you feel the effects of your supplements and start to feel great again.

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Vitamins FAQ

  • Should I be taking a multi-vitamin every day?

    If you feel run down or aren’t eating a varied and healthy diet, you may need to supplement your diet with a multi-vitamin. If you believe you may need a multi-vitamin, visit a doctor or pharmacist today for advice.

  • What is the best probiotic to take after an antibiotic?

    Probiotics are a great supplement to take after an antibiotic to restore the healthy bacteria in your gut. Berehaven Pharmacy has a range of probiotics available for sale or to buy online, and can advise you on the best brand and probiotic to suit your individual needs.