For high-quality first aid kits, first aid boxes, and first aid supplies, visit our Cork pharmacy today.

First Aid Kits

If you’re looking for a high-quality first aid kit for your home, school, sports club or office, why not visit Berehaven Pharmacy today? We stock a range of high-quality first aid kits and first aid supplies to ensure that your family and colleagues are kept safe in the event of an unexpected accident. As well as selling fully-stocked first aid kits to suit all needs, we provide separate first aid box sets and supplies so that you can stock up your existing first aid kit to keep it functional. These supplies include sterile gloves, adhesive tape, bandages, dressings, disinfectant wipes, slings, anti-septic, scissors, thermometers, and more. If you’re buying a first aid kit for the first time and are not sure what to buy, our team of experienced pharmacy staff can advise you on the best first aid kit to suit your needs, and show you how to use and store your new first aid kit properly.

Need a first aid kit for your office, sports team, home or community? Visit our Casteletownbere pharmacy today.

Types Of First Aid Kits

  • Office First Aid Kits

  • School First Aid Kits

  • Sports Team First Aid Kits

  • Shop First Aid Kits

  • Community First Aid Kits

  • Home First Aid Kits

  • Travel First Aid Kits

  • Vehicle First Aid Kits

  • Specialist Marine First Aid Kits

Marine First Aid Kits

One of the most important items on any ship is its first aid kit, providing emergency medical care while you’re on-board and far away from medical services. Berehaven Pharmacy provides specialist marine first aid kits for ships of all sizes, ensuring that you have vital medicine and emergency supplies while on-board your boat or ship. These marine first aid kits are suitable for leisure boats and larger commercial ships, and are full of specialist medicine and medical supplies to protect your safety while on-board a marine vessel. Because marine first aid kits provide specialist medication, you will need to ring the pharmacy to order one in advance. Why not call today?

First Aid Kits FAQ

  • Is it a legal requirement to have a first aid kit in my workplace?

    Yes. Having a first aid kit in your workplace is required by law, no matter how large or small your workplace is. Get in touch with {company_name} today to buy a first aid kit for our workplace.

  • How much does a first aid kit cost?

    First aid kits vary in price depending on what type of supplies they contain. Berehaven Pharmacy supplies a range of first aid kits and first aid boxes to suit all budgets, including mini first aid kits that are generally quite cheap.