Health & Medicine

At Berehaven, we aim to provide a comprehensive health and medicine service. All our team are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Health Services

Blister packs to aid compliance free of charge

Often it can be difficult to remember exactly what tablets you have taken and when. Our blister packs clearly mark out which medicines to take and the time to take them at. Help prevent the risk of taking a double dose or not taking them at all.

Text and collect service for prescriptions

We want to make collecting your prescription as easy and simple as possible. We offer a service where we can text you to let you know when your prescription is filled. All you have to do is call in and collect.

Professional and discreet advice

Our team take privacy very seriously. We know that it can feel intimidating to come in and speak to someone about an ailment or health issue. We offer complete confidentiality.

Consultation room

For those who would prefer a bit more privacy, we have private consultation rooms where you can ask any questions you have or voice any concerns. To avail of this, simply ask a member of staff.

Blood pressure and cholesterol testing

Many people have blood pressure and cholesterol related issues. We can carry out a check and keep an eye on your stats. If we see anything that is concerning we let you know straight away, offering practical advice.


We have the facility to measure and accurately record your bmi. Simply call into our pharmacy today, no appointment necessary.

Smoking cessation

These days we all know the health risks that come with smoking. With more and more people becoming aware of the dangers, we offer a service where we can walk you through the various products designed to help you quit smoking. Our knowledgeable staff can also offer practical advice and tips to assist you.

Emergency contraception

We know that even though you can be careful and prepared, accidents can happen. We provide an emergency contraception service. Please note that the morning after pill is more effective the earlier it is taken. If you require emergency contraception, please call into us as soon as possible.

Food intolerance testing

Many of our clients find that they may have certain symptoms, almost like allergies. This can be a result of our atmosphere and surroundings, but can also stem from a type of food intolerance, We can carry out a test where we can let you know exactly what foods are likely to trigger any symptoms.

First aid kits for ships a speciality

We can provide all sorts of first aid kits, specialising in those required on ships. We can tailor make packages by adding any additional products / medicines you wish to have.

Vitamin and healthy living advice

It can be hard to eat a completely balanced diet, no matter how hard you try. We have a range of vitamins to help supplement your food. As well as this, we can offer practical advice on how to live a healthy life.

Experts in ostomy care and incontinence

We offer advice and can help you to adjust to the challenges that incontinence can bring.

Compression stocking measurement and procurement

Poor circulation can cause a number of issues. Wearing compression socks can help. We can measure your legs to ensure that you get the perfect fit. Simply call into our office.

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