Whether you fancy treating yourself or a loved one, perfumes and aftershaves are the perfect way to do it. We stock a wide range, with some of the most popular brands on offer. We regularly have promotions on in store, so be sure to drop in and see.

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Skin Care

We carry a wide range of products, with something for every skin type. We often have testers where you can sample the product before you buy – ensuring it is right for you.


Eucerin is a dermatologist recommended skin care brand. All the products have been made based on science. Each product is designed to help you achieve and maintain healthy skin.


Clarins are well known for their premium skin care range. We stock all the old reliables, as well as their exciting new products. Call in store to see our range.

Ocean Bloom

Ocean Bloom is a locally produced skincare range, made from seaweed. The entire range is organic and natural, aimed at promoting beauty, wellbeing and energy.

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Medicated Skincare

For those with skin that is a bit sensitive – or just needs a bit more care, we have an entire range to help repair and protect.


Elave have been around since 1934, offering gentle skin care products that are gentle enough on the skin for the whole family.


E45 is a firm favourite. Designed by skincare experts, E45 is effective on even the most delicate skin.


The Aveeno range consists of a full selection of skincare products, including hair and baby products,


We know that when it comes to skin care, our clients want something that is gentle enough for everyday use and suitable for the entire family. The Salcura range has baby, facial, body and hair products.



The Catrice range comprises a whole range of beauty products, from foundations to eyeshadows and nail varnish. Catrice products offer excellent value for money.

Max Factor - Coming Soon

Max Factor has been around for years and is still a firm favourite with clients. The Max Factor range has products suitable for every skin type.

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John Frieda

The John Frieda range is one of our favourites. Designed by a hairdresser, you can be assured that you are getting high quality hair care at an affordable price.


The Aussie range is known for its beautiful fragrances and excellent performance. Call in store today to see the full range of shampoos, conditioners and much more

Mane n’ Tail

The Mane ‘n tail range is a unique brand. The brand was born when it was noticed that people were using their horse shampoo on their own hair!


We all feel a bit healthier with a tan. Our range of tans offer a natural looking tan without any of the fuss. Tan at home, on holidays, wherever you like!

St Tropez

St Tropez is a premium brand of tan. With a real natural looking glow, you can choose to layer it for a deeper colour.

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Top Image Tan dries fast and can be used on any skin type. It does not turn your skin orange – offers a realistic warm tan.

Tan Organic

Tan Organic is a fake tan – made from organic ingredients. This means no bad smell or streaking.

Sally Hansen

We all love our bottle of Sally! Ideal for when you need an instant tan that won’t run in the rain!

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Some of our Beauty Brands

  • Hugo
  • The body shop
  • Ghost
  • Lacoste
  • Mcartney
  • Burberry
  • Aussie
  • Aveeno
  • Catrice
  • Clarins
  • Cocoa Brown
  • E45
  • Eucerin
  • John Frieda
  • Mane n tail
  • Max Factor
  • Salcura
  • Sally Hensen
  • SOSU